Mike Meister For Legislature – District 48


Congratulations to John Stinner, the next state senator from District 48.

To everyone who cast their vote for me, I thank you. For those of you who cast your vote for John, thank you for participating in the process.

Never fun to lose but it’s all about picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and moving forward.




     When asked about the recent decision by the TERC (Tax Equalization & Review Commission) to require an increase of 20% in dry land ag valuations, Meister said, “It is absolutely outrageous. All we’ve heard in the last year is the talk coming out of Lincoln that we need tax reform. If this is their idea of reform they obviously don’t know what they are doing.” Meister went on to say, “I attended the tax hearings held by the legislature and I heard all of the Ag producers talk about the need to get the property tax burden taken care of. This is simple math, if you raise valuations; you raise taxes, plain and simple.”

      The TERC is currently made up of 3 people, all of whom were appointed by Governor Heineman. “It is hardly a surprise that you would see this kind of action from three commissioners who live east of Grand Island.” Meister continued, “They don’t understand the difference between annual rainfall of 13 inches and 38 inches and how that impacts agriculture in our part of the world.”

     “The current legislature made a conscious decision to kick the can down the road.  I pledge to the people of Scotts Bluff County and all of the counties of the Panhandle that once elected, I will bring this matter front and center and find the fix that is desperately needed to provide meaningful property tax relief.”

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